Scale approx. 340 g + 6.7 g/mm ML
Scanning head approx. 1.86 kg



Evaluation software (option)

ND 281B digital readout or IK 220 PC counter card

Evaluation electronics (option)

Magnetically to a plane surface; bracket available as accessory


≤ 80 m/min

Max. traversing speed

  • Cable 0.5 m with D-sub connector (15-pin); Interface electronics are integrated in the connector
  • Separate adapter cable, length 3 m, for connecting to IK 220

Electrical connection

5V ±5%/< 100 mA (per axis)

Power supply

≥ 0.001 µm (with IK 220)

Recommended measuring step

4 µm in linear and perpendicular direction (orthogonal)

Signal period


Output signals

At the beginning of the measuring length

Reference marks

420 mm, 520 mm, 720 mm, 1020 mm, 1220 mm, 1520 mm

± 1 mm

Measuring range in lateral direction
Measuring lengths in longitudinal direction

± 1 µm in longitudinal direction
± 1.5 µm in lateral direction

Accuracy grade

αtherm = 10 · 10-6 K-1

Thermal expansion coefficient

Two-coordinate DIADUR phase grating with reference mark on steel

Measuring standard